About The Game

A VR-exclusive action game with an epic war tale set in the old west.

The Old West is coming to life with this VR exclusive action/shooter game! Black Trail will put you in the middle of pure good old western action in an intense war story.

It’s the gold rush era. Native people attacked the Snake Canyon mine just after a few days when white men discovered ancient artifacts. Jack, an old bounty hunter, and White Eagle, a respected warrior are after the same artifacts for different reasons.

Switch between Jack and White Eagle throughout the chapters, use unique, historic weapons, fight hundreds of men in a wide old west world and change the fate of the war.

Ever Changing Gameplay

Equip a new set of distinct weapons and master a new fighting style in every chapter of Black Trail, while you switch between Jack the bounty hunter and White Eagle the native warband leader, and experience the war through their eyes.

Immersive World

Clear an occupied western town, fight through a moving military train, walk into the depths of a gold mine… A dark war story, delicately designed, old-west inspired environments, realistic graphics, neverending action and the power of virtual reality will make you feel like you are a part of the era.

Designed for VR

Explore wide old-west environments while fighting against hundreds of enemies with a natural-feeling mobility and control in Virtual Reality. In Black Trail, you will be able to walk, teleport, take cover and use weapons and items with almost real-life mechanics and smoothness.


Steam Oculus